Roughneck Plaza

Remember the Past ~Look to the Future

Remember the Past ~Look to the Future

A project of the White Oak Education Foundation, Roughneck Plaza is a development located near the entrance of the White Oak High School Cafeteria. Roughneck Plaza will provide a beautiful setting for social and academic gatherings. The Plaza will be a prominent campus landmark and source of pride to White Oak Independent School District students, staff, and patrons.

All funds raised from Roughneck Plaza will support the White Oak Education Foundation programs such as Grant to Teachers, Library Grants, and other future programs. The centerpiece of the Plaza is 648 bricks located under the Judy C. Meredith bell tower, each brick bearing the name of the honoree. In addition, two derricks representing White Oak's heritage will also be featured in Roughneck Plaza. Each derrick will consist of 528 bricks. A Plaza brick is a permanent means to honor someone special to you.

Bricks are available for $50 in the Sub-varsity area around the derrick, $75 in the derrick area, $100 in the Varsity area, and $150 in the WO letters under the bell tower. There is no better way to honor a student, teacher, alumnus, or anyone special to you or to make a memorial gift. An engraved brick in the Roughneck Plaza is a lasting tribute and gift to the continuing excellence of White Oak Independent School District.

Joy Smith Founder Member Woef

In Memory of Peggy Jernigan 39 Years Woisd

David Alexander Class of 1958 Woef